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Notice of Virtual Annual General Meeting-17 and Election of Committee Members 2021-2022

Date: 20th March 2021

Notice is hereby that the Annual General Meeting-17 and Election of Committee Members 2021-2022
of Malaysian Association of Medical Physics will be held on 20th March 2021. Because of the pandemic,
the AGM-17 and voting for MAMP committee 2021-22 will be held virtually. The minutes of AGM-16
held on 16 October 2020, Secretary’s and Treasurer’s annual report can be accessed here.

1. Confirmation of minutes of previous AGM-16 2020
2. Matters arising from minutes
3. The President’s address
4. Secretary's annual report
5. Treasurer's annual report
6. Election committee members 2020-2021
7. Other matters
8. Close of meeting

All MAMP active members are entitled to attend. The list of active members is attached. Please
confirm your attendance by 17 March 2021 via the link:

Download the notice 

Nomination Process
Candidates must be nominated by a member and must be endorsed by another member to be permitted
to stand in the election. Nomination and endorsement can be made via the online form as follows:

  1. President 

  2. Vice President 

  3. Secretary 

  4. Assistant Secretary 

  5. Treasurer 

  6. Six Committee Members 

The closing date for the nomination of candidates is 23:59 UTC 12 March 2021.
Nominations may be lodged for any or all positions of MAMP committee. For the purpose of
transparency of the election process that will be conducted virtually, the nominated candidates will be
listed online and can be viewed by all members online via the following links:
Vice President
Assistant Secretary
Committee members

Update 5 March 2021

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